Thank you for your interest in registering your pet with Animal Direction. We just need a few more details from you to complete your enrolment. Please complete one form per animal.
What is your full name?

Please enter your name, you can give your pet's name later.
We need to know your full address so we can offer work to you that is within a commutable distance.
Please enter the FIRST line of your address here (house/flat name/number and street): *

Please note we are a UK company only and can only register you if you have a valid UK address.
Now please enter the second line of your address:

And the county:

And finally your postcode: *

What is the best contact phone number for you? (Please enter Landline or Mobile number) *

What is your pet's name?


What breed is your pet (if applicable)?

If your pet is a cross breed, please list all known breeds, or just 'Cross' if unknown.
Date of birth (if known)

Current age of your pet? (if under 12 months please enter 0)

Does your pet have any medical conditions?

Allergies, missing limb, blind, deaf etc
Name and location of your vet

In case of emergency during assignments
Is your pet insured?

Is your pet up to date with vaccinations?

Has your pet modelled before?

If yes, please provide details

Enter N/A if your pet hasn't modelled before
This question is for dog owners only: What level of training does your dog have?

eg. Basic obedience, attending puppy classes, currently working towards bronze/silver/gold award, agility trained, Gun dog, working dog etc. Please be as specific as possible and list what your dog can do.
And now for all animals, is there any other information you think we should know that might help us to place your pet for modelling work?

eg temperament, personality, good with children, not good with other dogs etc
Now please tell us about your availability.

Do you work? Are your hours flexible? Do you have every Monday/Tuesday etc off? Do you work shifts? Are you usually available in the mornings? etc
Do you agree to the terms and conditions?

I understand there is no guarantee that my pet will be selected for modelling work.
I understand that Animal Direction will use the photographs of my pet to promote him/her to their customers.
I understand that Animal Direction will not pass on or sell my personal details to any third party.
I understand Animal Direction may wish to contact me by email with updates about the company.
And finally, please now send us an email with up to 4 photos of your pet. We need to see his or her face clearly and at least one photo showing full body. Email and include your pets name in the subject line.
Please note, we will not be able to complete your registration without photos of your pet/s.

Thank you for your application to become a pet model. You are now registered and your details are saved on our system. As soon as a modelling opportunity comes up which we think will be suitable for your pet, one of the team will get in touch with you via the contact details you have supplied.

Don't forget to send your photos to to complete your application.

If you have another pet you would like to enrol, please click the button below.
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